About Us

OHS Profile – ‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough

OHS is a market-leading integrated safety solutions consultancy. We are a single source for all occupational hygiene, health and safety, environmental and asbestos risk management services.

Our client portfolio includes a wide range of public and private sector companies.

With the UK coverage, we pride ourselves in protecting your company’s good name, as well as safeguarding shareholder confidence, operational balance sheets, employees’ and the public’s wellbeing, through the implementation of integrated safety solutions.

Historically, compliance has been driven by the bottom-line cost. However, companies that choose to work with OHS see the bigger picture. They recognise an opportunity to leverage long-term, sustained value from our knowledge: minimising potential dangers to employees as well as lowering the risks of future litigation, negative publicity and disruption to production. All of which also represents a real and lasting competitive advantage.

Put simply, the difference is this: any consultant can say they’ll help you achieve compliance. At OHS, we guarantee it.