Our Business Approach

Our business approach to providing compliance led services to our clients is fundamentally based upon the Consult-Assess-Manage ethos. This approach provides an end to end solution to our clients’ compliance challenges and demonstrates our ability to provide total compliance solutions.

The Consult-Assess-Manage ethos runs as a core through all of our service offerings – from asbestos risk management to fire risk management and from radon management to equality access consultancy.

We take great pride in our ability to provide high level, best in class consultancy services to our clients, whilst also being able to provide the risk assessments and surveys and the remediation solutions that underpin compliance management. The Consult-Assess-Manage solutions can be provided in isolation, but are, of course, best provided together as an all-encompassing compliance solution.

Consult, Assess, Manage


Assisting clients to fully understand their legal obligations, to assess and track their compliance levels, and to develop proactive programmes of activity to improve and maintain compliance.


Building effective and appropriate programmes of inspection, risk assessment and surveys to determine compliance or otherwise, and to assess risk.


Delivering risk reduction and risk management solutions to ensure that actions identified through the Assess stage of the approach are fully completed and documented.