Your Duty?

Everyone involved in managing “site work” has health and safety responsibilities. This includes making sure that working conditions are completely safe before work starts, as well as ensuring that the intended works are not going to put anyone’s health at risk.

The ‘Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015’ place legal obligations on practically everyone involved in construction projects. Serious breaches of this legislation could lead to your project being stopped or in the most serious cases you may be prosecuted.

What you will get from us?

CDM falls during the conceptual phase of the design stage, where key health and safety hazards are missed. At OHS we pride ourselves in taking a practical and proactive approach to helping you avoid these mistakes, ensuring you comply with the ‘Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015. Our ‘CDM Team’ has different specialisms including: architecture, civil engineering, insurance and the public sector, something that gives us a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our thorough, step by step approach begins with a site audit in order to identify any initial safety concerns. Once this is done the whole team will consult on all of the relevant drawings in order to help establish a perfectly safe design prior to any planning applications being submitted.

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