What is Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease?

Legionella is a bacterium that is naturally found in fresh water, as well as man-made sources. The bacterium thrives in water temperatures between 20 and 45 degrees centigrade. It can be found in hot and cold systems, cooling towers, condensers, hot tubs, humidifiers and emergency showers amongst others.

Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia that is caused by this bacteria. It is contracted through the inhalation of contaminated droplets, meaning that anybody can be susceptible, although some groups are more at risk, for instance those over the age of 45, those with an impaired immune system, smokers and heavy drinkers.

Your Duty?

If you are an employer or someone responsible for premises, for instances landlords, you have a legal responsibility to ensure their water systems comply with the current Health & Safety legislation. The ACoP (Approved Code of Practice) L8 ‘The Control of Legionella bacteria in Water Systems’, and the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’ place strict obligations on you to safely manage the risks associated with Legionella. Failure to comply with this legislation could potentially lead to large fines or in some circumstances imprisonment.

What you will get from us?

OHS have a depth of knowledge in all aspects of Legionella management across the UK and Ireland. We have experience in all major sectors from residential to industrial. Our nationwide water hygiene team enables us to efficiently manage Legionella control from single site premises to major national multi-building contracts running into thousands of sites. 


  • Risk Assessments
  • Temperature and Quality monitoring
  • Water sampling
  • Remedial services
  • Report writing
  • Training

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